Powerful Florida Wine Maker Suffers Head Injury During Motorcycle Accident


Manfred Krankl has the distinction of being the creator one of the most sought out US made wines. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast. It was this hobby that brought about his most recent injuries.

“Manfred has been involved in a serious motorcycle accident, he is currently stable and improving. We are looking forward to Manfred making a full recovery,” Elaine Krankl, his wife and business partner, reported.

The scene of the accident. (Contributed photo)In the slow moving wine industry, Krankl has enjoyed an almost meteoric trip to stardom. He did develop his now famous Sine Qua Non wine until 1994. The brand quickly became a critical favorite. Although the high quality wine stands on its own, the fanciful names Krankl gives each flavor and the pretty graphic labels have proven to be clever marketing tools that worked to further boost the wine’s popularity.

Manfred Krankl wasn’t thinking about wine on September 14th when he lost control of the custom built bike he’d had built for himself. At the time of the accident he was quite close to his Ojai home on Highway 33. Krankl suffered head injuries as a result of the accident and had to be airlifted from the scene and delivered to Ventura County Medical Center.

33FB266E00000578-3580625-She_was_airlifted_to_Southampton_General_Hospital_with_bleeding_-m-23_1462799240214Elaine Krankl promised that the world would continue to enjoy Sine Qua Non wine. “Manfred and I are deeply grateful for the outpouring of support and well wishes from our friends and loyal patrons across the globe. In the meantime our wonderful team will continue to produce and maintain the high level of quality at Sine Qua Non as they have been taught so well. As many of you are aware, our entire team is in the middle of our harvest (a highly promising one), so please understand that Manfred’s recovery process as well as the 2014 harvest”

Imola10.008Road700If I had a client in Mr. Krankl’s situation I’d want to launch my own investigation into the situation, paying particular attention to the condition of the road where the accident took place and make sure there wasn’t anything that could have been done sooner, such as repairing potholes, making speed limit signs more visible, and addressing whether or not the posted speed limit was safe for that stretch of road, which may have prevented the accident from occurring.”

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Source article: http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-sine-qua-non-manfred-krankl-seriously-injured-in-motorcycle-accident-20140925-story.html