Two Vacationers Drown at Beach in South Carolina Area

On Tuesday, tragedy struck a South Carolina Beach when a riptide pulled five people out into the ocean. The five vacationers were Hasidic Jewish people that came from the Hasidic Village of Kiryas Joel in upstate New York, as well as from the Brooklyn, New York area. All five came to South Carolina to enjoy some fun at the beach.

Of the five vacationers who were pulled under by the water, two drowned. The two who drowned include Chaim Parnes and Yitzchak Rosenberg. Rosenberg was a property developer in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg section and he also owned Certified Lumber. Parnes, who survived a November violent robbery attack in South Carolina, was a diamond dealer.

051716-wabc-maimi-drowning-scene-01-imgLate Tuesday morning, the vacationers were enjoying some time in the water when a Haulover Beach riptide pulled them out to sea. They did not want to swim with women who were unmodestly clothed due to their beliefs. So, the men chose to swim in an area of the beach that was unguarded. This means that there were no lifeguards in the area to immediately notice that two of the men were drowning.

Of the other three men involved in this tragic accident, one was able to get out of the water without any injuries. The other two were reported as being in stable condition at a local hospital. Further information about the three survivors is not available at this time. Authorities are deeming this to be a tragic accident.

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Many people often do not think about the consequences that can happen to them disrespectfully of certain regulations. When you’re on the beach you should not swim in the sea areas that are not provided in which no guard.

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The ocean is unpredictable and a place where it is critical to always be alert and aware of what is going on around you. There are not always lifeguards available, depending on where a person chooses to swim and enjoy the water. However, it is always recommended that people always stick to areas that do have a lifeguard to help prevent tragedies like this.

If there is not a lifeguard, those getting into the water should make sure to familiarize themselves with the current weather patterns, riptide and similar information, as well as information about the general behavior about the water in the specific area.

Always wear a life vest when going out into the water. This will help swimmers, as well as those going out on a watercraft, to remain afloat should an accident occur. Thankfully, the men were in a group and this allowed for three of them to survive and get out of the water.

The families continue to mourn the victims, both of which were active pillars of their communities.